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Last updated: August 2nd, 2017

Another fresh week and time for a new update. Well, since all of you requested to see last week’s blonde babe once again, we gave in and we have another view with her. So a bit ahead of schedule you get to enjoy her company once again as she gets to be kinky for you on video. You know by now that this is the best place to come visit if you want to see some really cute and lovely chubby babes playing naughty and this lady here more than fits the bill, both with this video scene and her past one as well. It’s time to stop wasting time and check her out in action as she gets to play with her favorite dildo today as well for the update.

Since last time you got to see her please her pussy with her masterful fingers it was purely natural for her to get around to show off her favorite sex toy today as well. And next time, who knows, maybe you’ll see her banging her favorite fuck buddy too. Anyway, let’s see her straight up naked on the bed as she was already getting busy with the dildo. See her sliding it in and out of her pussy as she moans in pleasure and squeezes her tits too and enjoy this simply amazing scene with her. We will be seeing you once again next week and also do check out the past scenes too to see more superb bbw ladies enjoying naughty times as well. Bye!

Enjoy watching this chubby teen pleasing herself!

Yummy Pussy

Hey there guys and gals. Well, we promised you something special last week and here we are with the said thing to entertain. As you can see, the special thing we were talking about is a video and you can expect to see many more of them in the future as well as we wanted to mix things up around here. But anyway, let’s get this first one started as it features as you can pretty much guess, a lovely bbw babe that gets to put on quite an amazing and sexy show for you today. She’s a simply gorgeous looking blonde babe and if you don;t fall for her on the spot, then…Anyway, let’s check her out as you just have to see what we’re talking about.

As the scene gets to start, you can see that the busty lady was sporting a nice and sexy black lingerie set on herself. Well, the bra comes off quite fast as she was feeling playful and her round boobies were perfect for her to play with too. Soon she makes her way to her pussy and sliding those cute panties aside, you get a nice and superb view of her perky pink pussy as well. watch her gently rubbing herself as she also starts to moan gently and see her going faster and harder. We know you will enjoy seeing her masturbate in this scene and rest assured that we plan on having this busty blonde around here some more in future updates too!

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Fatty Pleasing Herself

Well here we are again and as usual we are back with more impressive and sexy ladies getting to play kinky. We know how much you guys loved seeing Suzie in action a few updates ago, and it seems that our little lady is back for some more. We promised you you’d get to see her again and what a show she managed to put on for you this afternoon as well. The slutty lady this time gets around to please herself with a nice and big dildo. And if you want to see more naughty ladies like her, check out the chubby babe Bonnie as well and you can enjoy seeing another simply incredibly hot and horny teen babe pleasing herself too!

Well anyway, the cameras begin to roll and this time the babe is in her bedroom and eager to start. Like many around here, you get to see her reveal her nude body as she takes her clothes off and she was really eager to start pleasing herself like we said. To help her out, she also employs the help of some nice and big toys, namely her favorite and sturdy big red dildo. With that being said, take your time to have some naughty fun seeing the gorgeous cutie with curves as she gets to fuck her pussy with the sex toy all afternoon long today. It’s a scene that you cannot miss and do drop by next week for some more special and hot scenes!

young bbw plays with herself 

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Wildrossy’s Big Red Dildo

Young fatties has some more new and fresh scenes to show off to you guys today. We have another solo scene this week and this time it features the amazingly cute and sexy babe Rossy. She has a kink for nice and big toys stretching her wet cunt and she would very much like to show off to you all this nice afternoon. Her scene is one that you will not forget easy and we know that you will be wanting to see even more of her amazing body after this too. Rest assured that we intend to have her back in the future too, but for now, let’s just take our time to have some fun with her gallery this afternoon as she gets naughty and wild for you!

Wildrossy dildo fuck The cameras roll once more and the first thing you get to see the babe do, is play with her superb nude body on the bed. When we said that she was eager to play, we really meant it too. Anyway, after getting herself more and more aroused, she takes out her trusty rubber cock and starts to make her way to her pussy with it. Watch her spreading those nice legs of hers and see her stuffing it as deep as it can reach in her sweet pussy. You get to basically watch her fuck herself hard style with the toy while moaning loudly in pleasure this afternoon and we have to say that it’s quite the sight to see with her as well. See you soon guys!


Enjoy watching this chubby babe stuffing her pussy!

Sexy Suzie After Shower

Well, it’s that time of the week again. And you know what that means. It’s time for another young fatties sexy lady to make her entry and show off her womanly goods for you along with that sexy and hot curvy body too. The babe this week is Suzie and as you can see, she’s just the most cute babe around. She has a cute face, long bright brow hair and some really beautiful green eyes. Anyway, her scene today, as the title suggests, has her taking a nice and long shower and you can bet your ass that you get to join her for it as she gets to put on display her superb body. And she continues afterwards as well. Anyway, let’s see her play today.

As the cameras start to roll, miss Suzie here, gets around to start undressing and turns on the water in the shower. Watch her doing a bit of strip tease for you before she gets in. Then as the hot water was covering her whole naked body, you can see that she was truly enjoying the experience of having the cameras capturing this greatness from every angle too. So have fun with that as well. After she got out, she still felt playful, so you get to see her take some more time to fondle her body as she got dried with her big towel and she enjoyed teasing you some more. So have fun and as always, we’ll see you next time as well!sexy Suzie

sexy Suzie after shower

Enjoy watching this hot fatty showing off her curves!

Pretty Plump Karine

Another fresh week and time for another youngfatties gallery to be shown off to you once again. This time we have another little slutty babe that gets to fuck a guy and of course you get to watch all the action too. Her name is Karine and she has long dark brown hair, plus a amazingly hot body as well with nice and big round tits, if that wasn’t obvious from her pictures. Anyway, this fine afternoon, you get to see this simply beautiful babe as she gets to seduce a guy and take him back to her place for a nice and hard style pussy pounding for the whole afternoon. You bet that she likes to make the guys work hard on her cunt and this guy was no different.

Pretty Plump Karine Karine’s scene starts off as soon as she and the guy get through the door and as you will see, they don’t even get to make it to the bedroom. They were both jsut so horny and so, they decided to go for it on the living room couch made out of white leather. Take your time to see her suck the dude off to get him rock hard and then, see her spreading those nice and sexy long legs for him as she was expecting a nice and hard style pussy pounding too. So watch her moan and enjoy her missionary style dicking this afternoon from the lucky stud. We, as always, will be back next week with another new gallery, so stay tuned to catch it too!

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Plumper Inessa

This week’s nice and new scene has even more curvy babes to show off. So let’s get this new youngfatties scene started and see another sweet lady with some real curves as she gets to have some sexual action too. This one features the curvy and sexy blonde lady Inessa and to boot, you get to see this luscious and horny blonde ride some real cock for a change this nice scene. She and her fuck buddy are going to show off just how they like to do things when they meet up for a nice and hard fuck and you get to have some nice front row seats to the whole kinky scene today. Anyway, let’s get this show started and see what she was up to.

Her scene begins as her and the guy make their entry. First you get to see her letting the dude undress her too, and after he was done with that, she takes her time to undress him too and whip out his nice cock. Dropping to her knees you can see her sucking and slurping on his cock with a passion and when he was nice and hard she has him laying on his back on her bed as she takes her spot on top of the guy. So with that, enjoy seeing her cute curves jiggle as she bounces up and down his cock, moaning in pleasure as she gets a hard style dicking for the afternoon. We hope you enjoyed it and we will see you soon with more!

Plumper Inessa 

Take a look at this chubby blonde riding a hard dick!

Mazzaratie Monica

Today’s young fatties scene is one that you simply have to see everyone. In this gallery of simply wonderful and sensual images with another curvy babe, you get to see the cutie named Mazzatie Monica. She’s a blonde with long hair and a really cute face too. And apart from being curvy and horny all the time, miss Monica also packs a pair of incredibly big natural tits as well. Rest assured that you get to see her do lots of naughty stuff too, and you may also want to check out a past babe named Cherry as well, if you want to see more naughty and kinky action with another curvy and horny babe as well guys and gals.

Mazzaratie Monica

Anyway, coming back to our horny and kinky Monica for this afternoon, we just have to say that she was amazing with the scene. You see she also has a love for pleasing herself with some nice and big rubber toys and you get to see her doing just that this afternoon too. Watch her getting naked and then see her taking her spot on the couch to start her self pleasing session without delay too. You get to see her whip out a nice and big black dildo and you get to see her slide it in nice and deep. So enjoy watching the busty and curvy beauty as she gets around to fuck herself hard and deep with that dildo as she gets to moan in pleasure. Bye bye!

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Curvy Babe Lorelai

Hey there once more everyone, young fatties is here once again with some all new updates and we have more of what you just adore seeing. Namely some very cute and curvy BBW babes that get to be naughty and kinky on camera just for you this afternoon. And the name of today’s babe is Lorelai. She is a dark haired chick with a plus sized body that loves to be kinky and naughty and she knows full well what you love seeing, so expect to see some really impressive and sexy scenes with her this afternoon. We know you guys are eager to see her at play today too so let’s just get those cameras rolling to see her in some kinky action.

The babe gets to play in her living room and as you can clearly see, she was more than eager to start off too. Watch her do the classy strip and see her revealing every inch of that body of hers as she was all nude. And of course, you get to see her do some naughty and kinky posing around her place as well to tease you some more. Well eventually she had to please herself as her pussy was getting dripping wet and eager to have some attention too. Watch her finger fuck her sweet pussy for you on the couch this afternoon and enjoy her company. We will be back soon with many more new and hot babes getting to be wild for you on camera!


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Chubby Bonnie

Hey there guys, welcome to some new scenes this week and another sexy lady with some nice curves that gets to show off just how she likes to party when she’s solo as well. The name of this curly haired brunette is Bonnie and rest assured that she knows a thing or two about pleasing that eager and sweet pussy of hers and putting on quite the amazing show for you to see as well. Anyway, we get to see her get down and dirty and really kinky too and be sure to check each and every single image in this update of hers to see just what she’s all about too. So without further delay, let’s take our time to see this little babe in action shall we guys?

Bonnie As her scene begins, you can see that the lovely Bonnie is in her room for the afternoon. Well she had the house all to herself but she was getting really really horny. So naturally you can pretty much bet that she was going to do something about it one way or another today. Of course that meant pleasing herself, so you get to watch her strip and start to play on the floor with her huge collection of nice and big dildos today. Sit back and relax as you get to see the cutie moan in pleasure while she takes her time to fuck herself with all the toys today. Enjoy it and we will be seeing you next week with some more all new and fresh scenes too!

See this chubby teen dildo fucking herself!

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