Sexy Suzie After Shower

Well, it’s that time of the week again. And you know what that means. It’s time for another young fatties sexy lady to make her entry and show off her womanly goods for you along with that sexy and hot curvy body too. The babe this week is Suzie and as you can see, she’s just the most cute babe around. She has a cute face, long bright brow hair and some really beautiful green eyes. Anyway, her scene today, as the title suggests, has her taking a nice and long shower and you can bet your ass that you get to join her for it as she gets to put on display her superb body. And she continues afterwards as well. Anyway, let’s see her play today.

As the cameras start to roll, miss Suzie here, gets around to start undressing and turns on the water in the shower. Watch her doing a bit of strip tease for you before she gets in. Then as the hot water was covering her whole naked body, you can see that she was truly enjoying the experience of having the cameras capturing this greatness from every angle too. So have fun with that as well. After she got out, she still felt playful, so you get to see her take some more time to fondle her body as she got dried with her big towel and she enjoyed teasing you some more. So have fun and as always, we’ll see you next time as well!sexy Suzie

sexy Suzie after shower

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